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Helps to improve appetite and digestion for overall healthy growth.

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Appetite booster

Appeton Multivitamin Lysine with Prebiotics Tablet is a dietary supplement fortified with Lysine (Essential Amino Acid) to improve appetite and Prebiotics to improve digestion and promote overall healthy growth. It comes in a pink chewable fruity-flavoured, star-shaped tablets.


  • Vital multivitamins helps promote overall healthy growth & prevention of nutrition deficiencies.
  • Lysine helps to improve appetite, promotes muscle growth and weight gain.1,2
  • Prebiotic helps to improve digestion and overall nutrients absorption by promoting the growth of good digestive bacteria in the intestine.

Who are recommended to take Appeton Multivitamin Lysine with Prebiotic Tablets?

  • Children with poor appetite, fussy eaters, picky eaters.
  • Underweight and skinny children.
  • Children with poor digestion and frequently constipated
  • Children who frequently fall sick because of poor nutrition.
  • Children recovering from illness (poor appetite; need multivitamin booster).


  1. Fukui, Fukui T, Sasaki T. Experiment of lysine supplementation in school children feeding. Tokushima Journal Experimental Medicine. 1960; 6: 269-274
  2. Hideo Nagai M.D. Shigeo Takeshita M.D. Nutritional effect of L-Lysine supplementation on growth of infants and children, Paediatria Japonica, 1961; Vol.4 No.8

Direction for Use

Children from 1 to 8 years old: 1 tablet daily
Children from 9 years old & above: 1-2 tablets daily

Ingredients +

Contents Per Tablet USRDA*
Lysine 50mg -
Vitamin A 1500IU 30%
Vitamin D3 100IU 25%
Vitamin B1 0.25mg 17%
Vitamin B2 0.25mg 15%
Vitamin B6 0.25mg 13%
Vitamin B12 2mcg 33%
Vitamin E 10IU 33%
Nicotinamide 2.5mg 13%
Folic Acid 0.25mg 63%
Vitamin C 50mg 83%
Inulin 25mg -
Oligofructose 25mg -

* United States Recommended Dietary Allowance, US RDA

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